The Maritime Battle of 1588 Between the English and the Spanish

Friends, the Jesuits and their Vatican have ever hated Great Britain for beating them to shivers during the great Spanish offensive that threatened the very existence of the fledgling British Empire in 1588.

Pope Sixtus V promised King Phillip II and Queen Isabella of Catholic Spain 1 million gold crowns to send their mighty Spanish Armada against the British Navy, having seen the unmistakable signs that the fledgling Protestant nation was growing into what very well could be a formidable foe against the Roman Catholic supremacy in Europe.  

Well, the Armada set sail and the English, in great distress, flooded their churches, and prayed to God for deliverance.  In a nutshell (One can read the amazing maritime battles in detail online) the British prepared as best they could and valiant men on both sides sailed toward one another for the dreaded hour when they would have to face one another in desperate battle off the shores of Britain and the Spanish Netherlands.  The British were able to out-maneuver the heavier Spanish galleons and defeated them so thoroughly that the Armada limped back home with only 65 percent of their ships intact.  

The pope didn’t deliver on his promise and Spain’s superiority as a world power was on the decline from that day on, while British world supremacy was just beginning.

The Jesuits have been on a Britain-destroying crusade ever since, hence, all of the bad press against Britain over the last few decades.  Would it be any surprise to my readers if the the reports about vile crimes committed  against humanity by the British government and her monarchy were actually false (maybe for the most part–only God knows) and the Jesuits and their Mother, being the principle accusers of Great Britain, hide behind the accusations of evil deeds that they and their minions toss about, but they themselves so manifestly commit?–Dee Tee


*** BREAKING – Must Read!!!*** Corpus Delicti | Geo-engineering Whistleblower Speaks Out

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Activist Max Bliss is contacted by aviation industry insider and confirms geo-engineering via chemtrails in a program code named “Hydra”.

By General Maddox. Contains excerpts from a blog post by Max Bliss.

It appears that activists around the world who oppose the covert geo-engineering aerosol programs, have just had their theories as to whether such programs actually exist, confirmed by an industry insider. The individual wishes to remain anonymous for reasons of self preservation. Nevertheless the information provided to activist Max Bliss appears genuine.

It all started when the insider contacted Max Bliss after viewing one of the many videos on Max’s YouTube channel (MrMaxBliss this is a video on his channel so you can find him). It appears he had become overrun with guilt for taking part in the mass poisoning of people and the environment and decided to speak out about it.

One of the main problems with atmospheric aerosol spraying (Chemtrails) is that never before had there been confirmation of exactly how the dispersal and logistics of it all was done takes place right under the noses of airline staff including pilots. All other information including, but not limited to, actual patents on the types of aerosols, patents on the delivery systems, military and other NGO’s official papers discussing geo-engineering and weather manipulation and much more is now readily available to prove that it’s not a myth or a theory but in fact 100% real and going on every day all over the world.

Our whistleblower has detailed exactly how it’s done and even goes into detail on they overcome obstacles like mosey pilots or ground crew. Again, to maintain the safety of our insider the photographic evidence has been withheld by Max and when he and his source feel that enough people know and the world is ready to receive this news on mass, then he will disclose more and more information and images. Please share this far and wide. It is lengthy but the information is absolutely astounding.

Original letter to Max Bliss,


The time has come to come clean. Hopefully what I write here will help end the world-wide atrocity that I have been a part of. I know that what I say will shock many, but seeing that you seem to be almost there with uncovering the truth, the sooner this is out in the open the better.

So you know, I am a management pilot with one of the carriers that has figured in your videos; I am involved in the regulatory side of things, which is required because since just about everything we do in these spraying programs is illegal according to the CAA and JAA regulations, if a pilot becomes aware of what we are doing he or she will come to me first and I, supposedly, take it from there. Surprisingly very few of our pilots have become aware of the program, but your videos have alarmed the small group of managers I report to, and I fear the cat may soon be out of the bag.

At first I thought you had actually cracked it. From your latest videos you have accurately identified the method of getting the Al2O3 into the atmosphere, but not where it is stored. Right in the middle of most airliners, apart from the very short range ones, is the CWT or centre-wing fuel tank. As aircraft are fuelled, the tanks in the wings are always fuelled first to preserve what is know as favourable wing bending moments. Unless the aircraft is scheduled for a long-range flight, the centre wing tanks are empty and can be isolated if required by the use of shut-off and cross-feed valves.

Doing it this way allows us to accurately load the right amount of the material and avoid overloading the aircraft, which is a safety risk, particularly on take off. You are correct about the TMA. Other methods of delivery required too much in the way of pumps and switches, which meant too many people would notice what was going on. Under the guise of fitting an inerting system, which is automatic and has no cockpit controls, we can pressurize the CWT enough so that once a simple valve is actuated remotely, the TMA is drawn through the lines by the pressure differential and flows into the exhaust where it does its thing. And doing it this way has only one drawback, it limits “spray flights” by us and other airlines to shorter range flights but that is just a matter of scheduling and logistics.

Really the only people who need to be involved are the people who empty the honey-cart who must purge the TMA system after use; they are required to wear protective clothing for the honeycart job which also covers them for accidental exposure to TMA; and the refuellers who must configure the fuel system from a panel under the wing; have you ever wondered why most refuelling systems have two pipes attached to the wings?

Extraneous weight issues are handled by a small team of flight dispatchers, who exclusively handle the spraying flights. Some time before each flight they check the destination, alternate and departure airports, the planned loads and make sure that the prevailing winds will guarantee that the runways most likely to be used have a performance safety “pad” that will compensate for the extra weight that the pilots are unaware of. If there is any doubt then the TMA will not be loaded. Some other safety precautions include adjusting FMC stall margin values so the pilots do not climb too high for their REAL weight which could cause a high altitude stall. One of the ways we realised that was a problem was graphically illustrated back in 2009. Guess what I am talking about…

Under this program, I have personally been subjected to death threats should I ever reveal what is happening. Low level personnel are simply trained to do the job and have no real idea what is happening. Little do people realise that those doing what are considered menial jobs, refuelling and “waste disposal” are paid very handsomely for what they do, and their general ignorance means they don’t ask any questions. I guess that is just as well because they are monitored 24/7.

By doing this I hope to end the fear and guilt I and others have been suffering. Long ago I was spun a tale about how this program was a beneficial thing for the world and I believed with all my heart. Eventually, after much soul searching.. I realised the evil in which I was such an integral part”

Max goes on to comment about this and provide details as to why he was contacted.

I am sure as a first time reader, you may be questioning is this real…? Well of course the emails are real and genuinely sent from who knows where, the techy people can deduce that.

I have done a great deal of research, the reason the whistleblower contacted me is because of my recent physical investigation when taking a flight, of one of the carriers I have seen spraying. I took photos and remembering much of the likely technical possibilities made assumptions and speculated on the likely system used. I contacted one of the internet radio shows I have been on and they ran a show rendering the pictures and my ideas. I was a little too quick and made mistakes, actually very basic mistakes. However, according to my new source I was actually close.

Here’s the next email he received. Again, It is lengthy but the information is absolutely astounding. Please read and do your best to stay with it. It gets a bit technical at times.

“Hello Max

This message contains some graphics which if released, may expose my identity to those in the know. How that is handled by you is critical. I will let you know what you can share and what is for your eyes only. Secrecy is still very essential at this time.

My well being depends on it.

Earlier I told you about the unease regarding the use of TMA. Some of the reasons are obvious. Some not so. At the core of some of the problems is the cost of producing it in worthwhile quantities. Google some of the companies that sell it for an idea about how much just one spray flight must cost the taxpayer.

Europe is a problem because the vast majority of flights flown in the Eurozone are made by smaller aircraft such as the ones my company fly. Intercontinental, and longer range flights are more efficient because they are done by larger jets which can actually carry aluminium oxide in raw form. I will also explain how that is done in this message.

So…. as management, by law, we are not allowed to dictate to our captains how much fuel they carry on any particular flight. As professionals they know that fuel is expensive and they generally do not over-order but we must devise methods to ensure they do not order so much fuel for a particular flight so as to require the unused capacity of the CWT.

Control of this factor is done by using scheduling and logistics as explained earlier, and also by what is called the minimum equipment list, or MEL’s. On every aircraft, this is a list of defects that can be legally carried on a flight. Nowadays, all aircraft have a lot of redundancy built in to all their systems to allow for this. The MEL list allows aircraft to fly with minor defects and then be repaired in scheduled downtime.

Here is a photo of the MEL we use to allow the aircraft to fly, but prohibits using the CWT.


Earlier I told you how the CWT needs to be isolated so the TMA can be loaded. Reading this MEL you can see that even if one of these valves isn’t working then the CWT cannot be used in normal flight. Every flight that we use to spray carries this bogus MEL. Any suspicion by pilots that we carry this MEL too often is managed by making sure that no captain is rostered for a spray flight more than once a month. Rostering is tightly controlled by management. Every operator of the aircraft we fly has this MEL list so you may release this information.

Now to the larger aircraft. One of the problems with the smaller aircraft is that their cargo compartments are only designed to load passenger baggage and maybe a small amount of parcels via hand and a belt loader. Consequently there is no extra room in them for tanks/pumps etc required for really large scale spraying. Having this restriction means going down the TMA route, with all its attendant problems.

Extra negative factors include the impossibility of hiding the weight of large amounts of aluminium oxide from pilots on the smaller aircraft. “Meth”, as it is known by the few of us intimately involved, weighs less than the equivalent amount of fuel, so there is no real problem there. The extra weight is hidden by the methods explained earlier. Really large scale spraying however requires a bigger solution. Among the other problems of TMA is that aluminium oxide is only one of the byproducts created when TMA combusts, so burning a kilo of it creates much less than a kilo of AL2O3.

Intercontinental sized aircraft have advantages that are the answer to these problems. Like their smaller cousins, they can also carry TMA using the same systems if required, and more of it. Some, like the earlier domestic version of the 767 do not have a CWT, but most do.

High capacity aircraft like the A380, 747, A340, 777, A330 and the ER versions of the 767 all have the two things that make them ideal for large scale spraying. One is a large volume CWT and the other is two large capacity cargo compartments where aluminium oxide, mixed into a slurry with methanol, (for dispersion) can be loaded inside specially converted ULD (Unit Loading Device) containers.

When a spray flight is scheduled, a calculation is made by specially trained flight dispatchers as to the availability of payload weight that can be used for spraying. Early in the process, it is determined if both aluminium oxide and TMA can be used; just TMA for longer flights or if there is no spraying availability; generally this occurs on ULH (ultra long haul) flights.

At all times the weight limitations of the aircraft must be observed. Safety is paramount; the risks of TMA notwithstanding. You can see a loading message below. I cannot allow you to publicly disclose this because it is proprietary and was an actual flight, and may endanger a sympathetic contact I have in another company.


Some of this is a bit arcane but bear with me. In line 8 you can see a value called the Zero Fuel Weight. This is the key to making sure pilots do not know they are carrying spray material and still keeping the aircraft safe. The ZFW is the weight of the entire aircraft, including passengers and freight, minus the fuel. On the right of the actual value is the regulatory maximum that this value can be, on this particular aircraft type it is 175000 kgs.

For this particular flight, you can see that the ZFW was almost at the maximum value. On this particular day, the weight of the passengers and freight carried, (the total traffic load in line 6), which the pilot has no means to physically check, was altered to reflect the weight of the passengers and cargo PLUS the spray material, in this case both aluminium oxide and TMA.

One major advantage of this system is that it is foolproof from a safety point of view. Landing with spray material still on board, say in the event the remotely operated release valve failed, could mean big trouble if that weight was not accounted for by the pilot on landing. You can see that if the material sprays correctly, the aircraft will actually be much lighter for landing than the pilot realises, but all that means is that the landing is much safer from an operational point of view. On the other hand if the valve failed (rare but it has happened) the weight of the material is procedurally (but unknowingly) accounted for by the pilots in their landing distance calculations that they must carry out, and therefore the risk of a landing over-runs is negated.

Under this system, the critical speeds that are always calculated for a safe take-off are also inherently correct.

Now to look how all this is done in practice. All large aircraft are refuelled from a single point, by convention, usually under the left wing. In the following photos you can see the twin hoses that are used, and if you look very carefully at the CF6 engine in the background and the foreground in the second , you will see the same spray nozzles that are present on the 737 engines.

I took these photos myself at a large European airport, they are not proprietary so you may distribute them, or get your own CF6 photos off the net. Visually, the spray pipes are small but they have high capacity pumps inside the pylon (inside the white access panel on the pylon) which forces out large quantities of material in a small amount of time if required. Energy is diverted from the exhaust gas stream to power these pumps…. they are simple, foolproof, operate continuously when the engine is running and require no flight deck control.

Going with this system means that flexibility is maintained. Using TMA for longer range flights, loading can be done using the second hose. Lines carrying TMA and their access points, are part of just about all airports. Located only at the left hand wing, to keep the operation as simple as possible, they are pressurised to reduce the chance of air getting into them with the inevitable results. In the case of non TMA flights, the second hose is just there for show and is not being actually used.

But in the case of aluminium oxide, the weight and bulk of the material means that this method cannot be used. Loading aluminium is done by the modified ULD container method. Even this method however has its safety considerations which must be followed.

Cargo loading is critical and must take into account the weight and balance restrictions that all aircraft have. Real problems can be caused by mis-loading as the aluminium oxide slurry is very heavy. Every flight, even non spraying flights, must have containers loaded in correct sequences to avoid balance errors.

Duty load dispatchers aren’t required to know what is in the containers, just what each one weighs in order to get the sequence correct. ULDs that are modified for spray purposes are always loaded first at either cargo door (locations pictured below). Loading them this way is essential because they have pipe arrangements which hook into the onboard spray system, and the heaviest containers must go as close as possible to the C of G as you can see from this proprietary diagram… (not to be released.)


One can see that CPT 2 and 3 have the heaviest allowable weights, 20 and 15 tonnes respectively which is fortunate because they are the areas that must be used by the modified ULD containers. ULD use is ubiquitous and the modified ones can be found at holding areas at airports around the world if one knows what one is looking for. Suffice to say, if you are looking for evidence about how ULDs can be modified, check out “envirotainer” and imagine how simple it would be to do the required modifications.

Using the ADSB system, the inflight position of the aircraft is always known by spray controllers. New ATC procedures mean that the position of spray aircraft are always broadcast to satellite receivers that sites such as FlightRadar24 do not have access to. Spraying, even over oceans, can therefore be targeted very accurately and efficiently.

Knowing all this is a heavy burden I now wish to pass on to others. Every day has become a trial for me. Please us this information wisely. Trust is important..for the reasons we both know so well. I cannot meet you till this is out in the open, hopefully these disclosures will be the tipping point for you. Can you disseminate this as widely as possible, without the info that must remain confidential? All I long for is an end to this guilt.

Leaving it with you now, in hope……”

Well done if you’ve made it this far. What are your thoughts? By all accounts this information appears to be the real deal. If so, where to from here? I would suggest forwarding this article to as many people as possible, share on social media, and email it to people within the aviation industry and the government to let them know the jig is up. Even if it turns out to be bogus, it will, at the very least, let them know we’re keeping a close eye on them.

*** BREAKING – …

The Quintessentially Jesuit “Matrix” series

It’s just a game folks! Pelosi, Kerry, and all the rest of these so-called “liberal” Catholics are fulfilling the role given to them by the Vatican and her Jesuits. The Romanists play all sides of the political spectrum, so that the Vatican will be on top in the end. Both Pelosi and Boehner invited the Jesuit priest Patrick Conroy to be the Chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives. They are all in collusion folks! Wake up! It’s a Jesuit Matrix, that’s what the Matrix series was, “quintessentially” Jesuit. Neo is made up to look like a Jesuit and is called the ONE. Neo stands for the New World Order. “THE ONE” is he who is able to defeat all adversaries against the Jesuit plan to bring all the world under the control of the Great Whore of Revelation 17. The Jesuits made it look like they, in the image of “THE ONE” was fighting the NWO “Matrix” and trying to make themselves look like the good guys who want to bring in “Zion” according to the movie series, when in actuality the Jesuits and their minions are the progenitors and makers of the “Matrix” and the “Architect” is the Jesuit General controlled by their father Satan.

Remember, when they had the period after a successful mission where those in “Zion” danced to pulsating Jesuit music? The Jesuits want people who watch their movies to think that those who are fighting against the NWO will be helped and energized by this type of music, when in fact, this music blocks the real working of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life and “energizes” the soul with the power of Satanic entities. I have gone on Catholic websites where they are promoting this kind of music to attract the youth to their programs, conventions, and foundations. The Jesuits have infiltrated all churches of every denomination, including Seventh-day Adventists, and have been promoting this kind of “Christian” contemporary music for decades since the 60’s sexual revolution, which was secretly brought about by the Jesuits and their Romanist, and Satanic allies of all sorts.

BTW, the Trinity character in the “Matrix” series represents the the Great Whore, “Mystery Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth.”

THE ONE is represented as loving “Trinity” so much that he is willing to wreck everything and everybody in his path to save her and this is exactly what the Jesuit General and his Jesuit pope are doing through all of the wars, intrigues of every sort, assassinations, and on and on and on. “And in her was found the blood of saints, and martyrs, and of ALL that are slain on the earth.” ALL means ALL!

Another point: The matrix in the Bible is the female birth canal. This is telling. The “Matrix” is the “birth canal” of the Great Whore Mother Vatican and the Jesuits are working to birth their Satanic NWO through her “birth canal.” It’s all very symbolic folks and the Jesuits love using these symbols to manipulate unwary minds to accept what the Jesuits want the brains of the peoples of the earth to accept.Image

Jesuit magazine promotes O’s Affordable Care Act!

This article in the Jesuit magazine “America” of October 21, 2013 defends the Affordable Care Act.  Imagine a Jesuit magazine doing anything like that!  Well, O is Jesuit-trained by Jesuit priest Gregory Galluzzo through the Roman Catholic “community” organization called The Gamaliel Foundation.

Here it is:

“While some members of the House Republican
‘suicide caucus’ shrug their shoulders in, one
hopes, feigned nonchalance, and media outlets
sputter that anxieties over the shutdown of the federal
government are overblown, more than 800,000 other
Americans are wondering when they are going to see their
next paycheck. In New York harbor, Lady Liberty, like other
federal park facilities across the nation, has gone dark; and
hundreds of cancer patients, including 30 children each week,
have been locked out of their last-resort treatment at the
National Institutes of Health’s Clinical Center. What little
time—and hope—these patients have left is burning away
while a gang of House Republicans fiddles with the American
These are just a handful of the pernicious effects of
the shutdown that resulted on Oct. 1 after the G.O.P’s
latest effort to obstruct the Affordable Care Act. The closing
of the federal government not only shuts down so-called
nonessential services, like nutrition aid to women, infants and
children, it also means that a federal flow of $3 billion a day
into the already twitchy American economy has been cut off.
A Republican fringe has generated a major legislative
impasse, holding the national economy and majority rule
hostage to an idée fixe on the Affordable Care Act, a law that
has been passed by Congress, vetted by the Supreme Court
and signed into effect by a now twice-elected president. This
is a law intended to provide health insurance and care to
previously unmoored citizens and legal residents. It deploys a
free-market model once endorsed by Republicans in a manner
consistent with other liberal democracies since the late 19th
century, an era many in Congress seem eager to revisit. If
Congress’s health care extortionists are able to achieve even
a “compromise” remnant of the ransom they seek, it could
mean that government by fiscal hostage-taking will become a
regular and profoundly destabilizing feature of U.S. political
The U.S. bishops, unhappy themselves with the
A.C.A.’s contraception mandate, nonetheless were aghast
at the political breakdown. In a letter to Congress on Oct.
1, they reminded the nation’s legislators that the proper role
of government is to “make accessible to each what is needed
to lead a truly human life,” including food, clothing, heath
care, education and culture. “In our country today, millions
of Americans struggle to meet these basic needs, through
no fault of their own, as a result
of an economy that continues to
fail to create sufficient economic
opportunities,” the bishops wrote,
adding that internationally, millions
more rely on “life saving” aid from
the United States. “This work must continue,” the bishops
said, “and human needs must be met.”
In other words: Get back to work. A shutdown may
make good political theater, but it is an unconscionable
burden on those least able to bear it.
A tolerance for some factionalism and legislative logjamming
is programmed into the nation’s constitutional
DNA, but this month’s paralysis, joining other recent
examples of ongoing dysfunction, the “sequestration” failure
and the ascendance of the fake filibuster, begins to call into
question the effectiveness of the two-party system itself.
Many Republican representatives come from conservative
districts where the only significant threat to re-election comes
from Tea Party challengers in the primaries—a dynamic that
tends to produce ever higher levels of ideological purity.
The Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United
case has allowed a handful of plutocrats to become major
players on national social policy; and the permanent election
cycle means that members of Congress are forever scurrying
back to their base, however indifferent that base may be to
compromise, good government or even to reason. It is enough
to provoke longing gazes toward European parliamentary
Responsible voices within the Republican Party are
already trying to find a way out of this artificial standoff. But
even if the nation escapes this time, it is clear that something
has to change in Washington. The problem, as always, is
that the people most in need of reforming are the only ones
constitutionally empowered to make it happen.
Perhaps this latest debacle will propel a popular drive
to revisit congressional procedures and privileges, even to
force legislation to neutralize the worst effects of the Citizens
United decision. But a campaign that might result in loosening
the political stranglehold of the nation’s two dominant parties
will likely have to bubble up from below, as citizen initiatives
lead to structural reforms at the local, then state levels. This is
a reform that can only trickle up from an outraged public that
deserves—and must learn how to demand—better.”

Massive Danger!

These spiritual exercises open one up to demonic possession.

“The Jesuits have a training manual for this search. It is the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola, composed by the saint before he was even a priest. Often described as Ignatius’s greatest gift to the world, these exercises unfold a dynamic process of prayer, meditation, and self-awareness. The basic thrust is to make us more attentive to God’s activity in our world and  more responsive to what God is calling us to do. Ignatian retreat directors guide people through the Exercises in retreat houses, parishes and other settings.

Ignatian spirituality is not merely an inward journey, much less a self-absorbed one. It aims to bring people more deeply into the world—with gratitude, passion, and humility—not away from it. Ignatius called on the Jesuits to be ‘contemplatives in action.’ Today, Jesuits and their lay collaborators work with people in many walks of life, such as education and business. They help nurture ‘men and women for others.'”