Massive Danger!

These spiritual exercises open one up to demonic possession.

“The Jesuits have a training manual for this search. It is the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola, composed by the saint before he was even a priest. Often described as Ignatius’s greatest gift to the world, these exercises unfold a dynamic process of prayer, meditation, and self-awareness. The basic thrust is to make us more attentive to God’s activity in our world and  more responsive to what God is calling us to do. Ignatian retreat directors guide people through the Exercises in retreat houses, parishes and other settings.

Ignatian spirituality is not merely an inward journey, much less a self-absorbed one. It aims to bring people more deeply into the world—with gratitude, passion, and humility—not away from it. Ignatius called on the Jesuits to be ‘contemplatives in action.’ Today, Jesuits and their lay collaborators work with people in many walks of life, such as education and business. They help nurture ‘men and women for others.'”


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