The Maritime Battle of 1588 Between the English and the Spanish

Friends, the Jesuits and their Vatican have ever hated Great Britain for beating them to shivers during the great Spanish offensive that threatened the very existence of the fledgling British Empire in 1588.

Pope Sixtus V promised King Phillip II and Queen Isabella of Catholic Spain 1 million gold crowns to send their mighty Spanish Armada against the British Navy, having seen the unmistakable signs that the fledgling Protestant nation was growing into what very well could be a formidable foe against the Roman Catholic supremacy in Europe.  

Well, the Armada set sail and the English, in great distress, flooded their churches, and prayed to God for deliverance.  In a nutshell (One can read the amazing maritime battles in detail online) the British prepared as best they could and valiant men on both sides sailed toward one another for the dreaded hour when they would have to face one another in desperate battle off the shores of Britain and the Spanish Netherlands.  The British were able to out-maneuver the heavier Spanish galleons and defeated them so thoroughly that the Armada limped back home with only 65 percent of their ships intact.  

The pope didn’t deliver on his promise and Spain’s superiority as a world power was on the decline from that day on, while British world supremacy was just beginning.

The Jesuits have been on a Britain-destroying crusade ever since, hence, all of the bad press against Britain over the last few decades.  Would it be any surprise to my readers if the the reports about vile crimes committed  against humanity by the British government and her monarchy were actually false (maybe for the most part–only God knows) and the Jesuits and their Mother, being the principle accusers of Great Britain, hide behind the accusations of evil deeds that they and their minions toss about, but they themselves so manifestly commit?–Dee Tee


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